Edible Planter Garden Calgary

South Health Campus Wellness Kitchen 4448 Front Street SE, Calgary, AB, T3M 1M4

Phone: 403.919.0176
Email: hello@poppyinnovations.ca
Website: http://poppyinnovations.ca/classes-events/edible-education-gardening-classes-plot-rentals/#event=6510729

Create attractive and edible planter arrangements that will decorate your doorstep and your kitchen table. We will show you this fun method of growing your own food without taking out grass for a garden. Great for those living in apartments and small spaces or students with an interest in eating locally. Just imagine a bushel basket loaded with colourful, edible and beautiful plants sitting on your front porch. Join us to make your Edible Planter to take home and fresh produce will be at your fingertips this summer.

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